In It To Win It - Film Race 2010 - Chicago

Collaboration is the name of the game in the creative industry. You just can’t go it alone. Andy Spyrison and I have known and worked with each other for well over 10 years. Andy has always been one to utilize and challenge any one person's creative talents. Our most recent adventure in advertising was an award winning series of billboards and  ads for the Kansas City Medical Center in Kansas City, MO. This is also where we cemented our “probably a felony in Ohio” love of the smoked pork things. Fast forward.

Again, collaboration is the key. Mr. Spyrison forwarded me a link to the Chicago Film Race 2010 with the simple message “we must do this”. I checked the link…”Upon given a secret theme at 10pm on Friday 16 you will have 24hrs to write, shoot, edit, and deliver a 4min film based on that theme and a wild card element.” The last time I stayed up for over 24hrs I was scooting my turbo charged station wagon across the western states at 120+mph coming home from filming my Route 66 movie this past June. So…hells yes I was in.

Enter Andy Tillman. The two Andy’s have worked as AD/Writer in several top agencies around Chicago and are veterans of TV production on a global scale. Over the next couple weeks we established our roles as myself being Director, Andy S. as Producer, and Andy T. as Writer. The crew grew to include eager young talented production people, we cast for actors, we secured locations, we borrowed gear, we even stole a few things just for good measure and street cred. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are making a movie…about what…who knows…but we’re gonna make it. So, that’s this Friday/Saturday. We’ll be posting things on F-Book, Twitter and probably texting you as well for good measure. I’m excited, the whole team is excited, the actors are excited. Worst case, we crack open the magnums of Svedka and have a rip roaring wrap party.

 Andy Spyrison - Jim LÜning - Andy Tillman


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