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I've always maintained that I will never be "a guy with a camera". I'm a visual problem solver. A label which is  becoming more true now than ever. My clients have a hole in a layout, a concept, an idea or plan they need to execute and it's up to me to partner my skills and esthetic with their creative teams needs and create something unique and cool. Long time friend and client, Susan Bennett of Simple Truth, who I've shot some really fun projects with over the years asked me to help out on a project for the Chicago Made booth for Chicago at the 2014 SXSW Conference in Austin TX. The project was to be a time-lapse film of Chris Silva creating the artwork that was to become the backdrop of the booth in Austin. I set up two cameras in Chris's studio, set them to shoot a frame every 20 seconds and then take all those images and create a 2:30 film. With assets from Simple Truth that I animated, and a sound track from Chris and his band This Mother Falcon I compiled everything into a pretty cool piece.

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