Route 66 - Part 2

From near Ft. Leonard Wood in MO to Yukon OK...lots of driving, but what a day. Spending time with a couple of my favorite Route 66 personalities was an absolute treat. Jim Ross opened his beautiful home to Tim and I as a location to film the interviews with him and photographer Shellee Graham.
The old section of 9' wide road and the Blue Whale both seem to be pretty much as they were 10 years ago. Which, is nice to see. This was my fourth time to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. First time was as a photo assistant, about 6 mo after it happened. Second time was with Tim doing the book, the next was as a photographer, in town for a gig, and today. The last two it was in it's current state. For me the personal artifacts that were put on the chain link fence always got me. The monument is moving, somber, and beautiful all at the same time.

From Tim:
Just outside Fort Leonard Wood

There are a few rare treats in life I think everyone should experience at least once. An incredible French meal that takes you four hours to eat, three bottles of wine to wash down, and six months to pay for.

A chance to drive a car so fast and expensive, that once you get over 125MPH. you just hope if you crash it you die on impact because you don’t want to spend the rest of your sorry life paying for it.

I think we should all get at least one night of awesome sex with someone about ten times more beautiful than ourselves, and just by way of rare treats, I think every person on this rock ought to spend one Saturday night in a motel just outside the gates of a major military installation.

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  1. Sounds like you're seeing many interesting things and people! How's the driving weather?? It's a monsoon here!

  2. Uh-oh. No post from Day 3 yet. Let's all pitch in for bail money.

  3. Yeah, I wonder what's going on?

  4. "Follow on Twitter" at upper right suggests (1)they are still alive, (2) they are not (yet) in need of bail money, (3) they are traveling faster than hi-speed internet and thus cannnot upload videos, (4) they just plain forgot about us, and/or (5) they are flat-out lost and we might just never see or hear from them again.

  5. This is going to be a fun trip to follow! Seeing the picture with Jim and Shellee reminded me of one warm night at the Blue Swallow Motel back in 2001 when Tim, Jim, Shellee, Frank Maloney, the Bakkes, a couple of other guests and I sat around outside our rooms shooting the breeze and sharing tales of Route 66. Tim provided a cooler full of cold beverages and we chatted for hours, one of my best experiences on Route 66. Most of us were heading to the festival in Albuquerque.