Route 66 - Part 3

From Jim:
I hate you Broadband Connect to nothing card...I love you road trip.
Minor tourette's issue here and there followed by bouts of awe. Long day, lots of miles, we started at Lucille's, a classic spot on the road and ended up at the Blue Swallow. Points between were filled with in car confessions about life and duty, plans and hopes. It's been about 8 years since the last book "Highway 61 Revisited" Tim and I worked on. I've changed a lot, grew up, have been running my own business, traveled to many other countries, gotten my heart squished, and probably done the same to someone else. My copilot has changed too. The road trip, next to camping, I think is one of the best ways to get to know someone. You talk, you open up, and you share. Tim and I hadn't talked, for no reason, for probably a year prior to his call randomly a few months ago. My hope was that this trip would be an exercise in directing and video production for me, and a clearing of the head and get back in the game push for Tim. I know I'm up until 4am working on the footage, photos and audio, Tim is as he put it "I'm drinking from the fire hose and trying to take it all in". I'm looking forward to his written words.
The next segment is going to blow your mind. Call 911 now.
And may take a day or two. Apparently even I need sleep at some point within 56hr blocks. Jeez.
You can bother us on the Facebook or Twitter, or hell, just call, I need to know if the Blackberry is alive.


  1. Whoa! It sounds like the emotions are running as fast as the scenery. Keep it coming!