Route 66 - Part 5.1

We left Kingman and doubled back a bit to catch some footage of the Hackberry General Store. I was hoping to do a quick interview of the owners, but schedules didn't jive on our whirlwind spin across the west. So...met some cool Brits on Harley's, shot some footage, hit the road to OATMAN...

Hells yeah! I love driving, I love driving fast, I love driving technically and fast. I love cars that can deliver on those two things. I also love having a passenger that's "medicated" enough to still be uptight about hairpins at 80mph, but not freaking out...like 10 years ago...in a van...doing 40mph. C'mon 5 days with ol' Hunter S. sitting next to me was requiring some rapid pace, steam blow off, don't hate.

Oatman has held a fascination for me for the last 10 years…Reason 1. The road. I remember ambling along, navigating around hairpins, the drop offs. Being a bit nervous. Reason 2. Garlic Burger. I’ve wanted one for 9 years. One of the best “Sittin’ round jawin stories with friends” stories I have is about Garlic, Onion Truck, Mojave, and 115’ heat.

Check the video.

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  1. Great thing is, that's not sped up. You were really driving that fast. Darren