Route 66 - Part 5.2

Well…again, a lesson on how things change. How things, people, places, etc, change either completely, subtly, or have gone away completely. In the case of Oatman AZ. all of the above. My beloved Garlic Burger is gone…we did hit the Oatman Hotel for a sad substitute, I think Chef Jim is going to be knocking one of these suckers out of the ol’ 1551 Thomas St. kitchen just to feed the jones.

Cindy at Arizona Girls gave me the low-down on Cactus Joe’s. The old guy that owned it passed several years back, the building, which, literally is built around a big old Cactus, became “not up to code” for a restaurant in Arizona. She bought/acquired the place and opened her Candle/Turtle/Tourist Info shop.
I got to feed some turtles, Cindy was great, full of into, I bought some candles from her (they’re really quite nice) for her time. This is about a ½ hour of hanging out with Cindy and Turtles, getting an audio interview and etc. I notice two things as I’m wrapping up. 1. There is a Burro in the house…literally. Pony in the living room, Horse in the kitchen, Zebra on in the foyer, how ever you want to say it. This thing just mossied on in and was eating something out of a pail. Thing I noticed #2…Tim in a heated debate with several 5-6 year old boys about GI Joe. Knowing Tim and his “military past”, I’ve learned to steer completely clear of anything that has to do with military service. Apparently there was quite the discussion of explosives on belt or chest. All I know is that old 12” GI Joe needed a fire suit when in my presence. Call me Cobra.

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