Video Hits

When the Canon 5D MKII came out I was curious...I had blown through 3 5D bodies in about 2 years, and basically hated the camera with the power of ten thousand white hot suns. So, when I got to be the first person in Chicago to rent the new camera from Helix, and give it's new video features a whirl I was mildly excited, but apprehensive at the same time. AT THAT TIME the camera's video functions were fully automatic except for the focus. The way the exposure system worked was you could set the f/stop but that was it, the camera ramped iso to compensate. Basically your light kit would be a pocked full of zippo lighters and you'd it would still look over lit. I had a model I've worked with before, she was up for anything. So, having picked the camera up in the morning, her showing up at 1pm, we shot until 4 and then I slapped everything together in FCP. Uploaded the footage and the hits have been coming strong ever since...when it hit 20k, I was blown away. 50k, completely surprised. 80k...well, in it to win it. I want 100k hits on this thing. Cute girl, popular camera. Please forward the link, watch it yourself, let's see how long it takes to reach the goal, and thank you for the help!

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