September 9th - Portage Theater

Welp...it's coming up. The big screen debut of this lil' film I've been hacking at for the last year. I am really excited about the way it's all coming together in the final stretch. As a still photographer for the last 10 years, every frame told a thousand words, taking on a project where I had to tell a story with 24 frames a second, 1440 frames a minute and 76320 frames all together, posed several...challenges. How the ef does that work? It's not a miracle, it takes time, thought, planning and trial and error, and error, and error, and start over, more error, finally, shazzam!. Shooting the footage is one thing. Telling the story with all of the scenes, variables, sound...hoy! I made a sequence change the other day...switched two clips around and placed a different piece of music under it...simple changes, but completely changed the mood and nailed the message I wanted to convey and ended the "there's just something not right" issue I was having. Every step along the way has been a new lesson. I can't wait to show it off and share what I learned with anyone interested.
Everyone is invited...September 9th, Portage Theater the film will go on about 8pm, they sell booze, easy parking, the film is about 53minutes, Q/A after. More info on the F-Book.
In the mean time...check out the new trailer below, and I hope to see you there.

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