Underwater(ish) Holga Mod - Hot Tech Tip For Your High Tech Russian

Labor day have choices...take a spin on your favorite motored vehicle, see how fast you can be face down in a pile of burgers and Budweiser, or hit the beach with your trusty plastic camera. If you're choosing the later, I've got a tip that will keep your memories from getting soggy and you can enjoy running amok in the surf with that flask of Patron.

Enter "The Holga". The cheap piece of plastic stamped out someplace in Russia, some movable parts and a plastic lens, it takes medium format FILM and leaks light...costs about $17 bucks. BUT! This is the perfect camera to get your Art-Z on and be creative at the beach, you can't really break it...with my tip you can submerge it, and hell....the effect it makes is iphone app worthy.

Take your Holga, load it up with a roll of film, then tape the crap out of every seam...I mean EVERY know that tape that comes with window plastic...use that, or some other fairly narrow but super strong double sided tape. Next...Ziploc Freezer bag...don't be a dork and go for the cheap on this, get the thick, branded, with zipper lock bag. Cut a tiny hole in the lower middle of the bag...wrap the lens barrel with the double stick tape. Shove lens bag to tape...making sure there are not bunching or air holes. Next, take some gaff or duct tape and wrap the outside of the lens and bag. This is double protection. Close the should hold air without leaking...if it does, you've done it right.

Last step...go outside to the lake, river, stream or whatever....toss in camera, dive in after. Take POV photos when your treading water, find love and live happy ever after.

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  1. Yes! This is exactly what I was looking for. I was going to do the ziploc bag but knew the pictures would be blurry. Thank you for the solution.